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Thu 5th February, 2009 - 08:56
The Black dawn approaches. Reset within the month. Over 100 new items following the reset. Give input now or put up with Jarak's crazy vision of a brave new world.

Sun 4th March, 2007 - 22:42
So, nearly a week in and a whole world of things for me to fix.

Mon 26th February, 2007 - 14:35
As you may have heard, open beta testing starts at midnight on Wednesday (or Thursday, if you're being pedantic).

The game won't be perfect, but it will be playable and most of the stuff should work.
We're looking forward to seeing you.

[edit]That's a stupid time - I've moved it forward to 5pm.

Tue 13th February, 2007 - 10:19
Soooooo many bugs to fix - but everything is progressing well (except for the fact that I'm re-coding the fight engine, but hey-ho).
Here's the interesting news, though - Little Savages 3 will be in opened up for Beta testing before the end of February.
And that's not an estimate, it's fact - no matter what state the game is in on the 28th (if I can't get it done before) you'll all be able to 'play' (although the game proper won't start for about a month after that).

Sun 28th January, 2007 - 01:55
Enticers are finished!
That means that all the classes for version one of Little Savages three are done!
That means... We're nearly there...

Sat 20th January, 2007 - 19:31
Work is plodding on - I'm now going through the big list of bugs and suggestions the alpha testers have supplied me with.

Wed 3rd January, 2007 - 12:24
Two days after the last blog entry I was shot in the eye with a toy gun and blinded for a week - a week that just happened to be the week I was planning to do a whole load of LSav3 work in (oh, and Christmas was in there, too).
So I'm behind schedule, and I was so close to getting it done on time!

The end of January is the latest estimate for a fully-featured beta.

Fri 22nd December, 2006 - 11:14
Today a savage had a baby, which was alive and well.
This marks the completion of the last really complicated thing the engine has to do - I should be able to fly through the rest of the stuff.
Look out for a full launch early next year!

Sat 2nd December, 2006 - 15:10
It appears that I'm going to get even more done - my 360 just threw up the three red lights of death :(

However, my Wii turns up on the 8th!

Wed 25th October, 2006 - 23:19
Judging by how well things are going at the moment, I fully expect LSav3 to be in at least in Beta by the end of this year.

I am already regretting typing that...

Wed 25th October, 2006 - 23:14
Just a quick one to point out the change in complexity between LSav2 and LSav3.
In LSav2, I used 40 SQL fields to store the information on a single savage.
In LSav3, so far, I've got 98, and I'm adding more (and forgetting what others are for) daily.

Wed 25th October, 2006 - 23:05
Well, the forum has been tested by myself and some helpful LSav2 players, and everything seems to be working pretty well - at least, it's several worlds ahead of the LSav2 forum.
I'm actually really pleased with the LSav3 Forum (or the Cave Wall as it's more correctly called) - it does a lot of clever things and seems pretty robust. IE7 is giving me some difficulties, but that will be sorted out soon.

The meeting code is taking shape, the first scoreboard has been built and savage creation (and savage babies) are now based on a string of numbers and characters which define what they'll be like - rather like DNA. Here is the 'strand' of one of my test savages:
The amount of things I code into LSav3 and then think "Hey, wait - that's how it happens in real life" is growing daily - real life has some good ideas

Oh - and the Spy page (now called 'history') is working.

Sun 24th September, 2006 - 23:10
A rough 'meeting' code is in place, and savages can make friends, enemies, fall in love, and hump.
Also, the help system is in place - it's a kind of wikiHelp, meaning that any LSav3 players can enter information for everyone else.

Mon 11th September, 2006 - 09:06
After a weekend on hard coding, things are moving on.
Savages are fighting and having babies, which are the two most complicated things they can do (besides meet each other for the first time) so it's nice to have those out of the way.
On with the 'meeting' function!

Tue 18th July, 2006 - 17:11
Some screenshots for you.

My Savages - all of them are spot on average at the moment, because they're the only savages that exist =]
A soldier savage - brave, fit and tough - he needs to work on his fight skill though.
The cave wall - the new LSav forum.
Miracles - there's not much to choose from at the moment, but people keep suggesting new ideas.
Create a savage - really simple this time round. It may get a little more complicated, but I doubt it.

Sun 9th July, 2006 - 19:13
Just thought I'd make it clear: LSav3 is going to rely quite heavily on RSS feeds to keep you players up to date.
RSS feeds are helpful little things that automatically update to tell you new information, thousands of sites make use of them.
To read an RSS feed, you need an RSS reader.

If your browser home page is a bit dull, you could do worse than - this can read feeds.

For more information, look at this.

Sat 8th July, 2006 - 11:57
Several people have asked about LSav3's new 'classes', so here is a list and a quick explanation:

Assassin: When first attacking other savages, an assasain gets the chance of a free critical hit if they remain undetected.
Breeder: Use these to get your population up. Childrearing is very different in LSav3, with pregnant sav's unable to do much, and childbirth being quite a dangerous thing. Baby savs can't do anything either (except cry).
Builder: Builders can build things that inventor savages create.
Enticer: Stunning-looking savages that can entice enemy savages into your clan.
Explorer: Explorers like to look around the map. Who knows what they'll find?
Guard: These savages stand guard around your camp and protect the savages inside.
Hunter: Hungry? These savages will do their best to provide all the food your clan needs.
Inventor: Big-brained savs that come up with new weapons, armour, and other cool things.
Miner: You builder is going to need something to build with, and that's where this sav comes in.
Priest: As all the cool things you as a player can do depend on how well-behaved your savages are, you're going to need a priest to keep them in check.
Soldier: Soldiers march across Saville Island and attack enemy camps!
Spy: Need to keep an eye on what someone else is doing? Use a spy.
Teacher: Teachers can teach savages new skills, and, over time, even a whole new class!

Fri 16th June, 2006 - 17:12
I've done a fair bit of work lately - I'm just finishing off the fighting engine.
What's interesting about building a game like this is that you plod along and plod along and suddenly, when you still think you've got loads to do, it's finished, with just the edges to be smoothed off.
But I'm pretty sure I'm nowhere near that stage yet.

People keep asking me when it's going to be finished, and I honestly don't have a clue.
Some point this year, folks.

Fri 7th April, 2006 - 08:45
Work is marching on - The LSav Engine is horribly complicated since orders and miricles have been added to the game, but it's going quite well.
I just thought I'd let you know, as it's been a while since you've heard from me.

Tue 21st February, 2006 - 07:44
I'm working on the SavEngine (Version 3, fact fans) at the moment, and I hit an exciting milestone.
I gave one of my savages an order to go to sleep, and she did.
This is good news.

Tue 7th February, 2006 - 14:24
I'm making some changes to the page layout, so everything might go a little haywire for a while...

Mon 6th February, 2006 - 07:48
The domain has gone live, and I'm pointing it straight at this blog for now.

Mon 6th February, 2006 - 02:52
I have registered, and now it's bedtime.

Mon 6th February, 2006 - 02:46
Here's a list of (planned) differences between LSav2 and LSav3, and (planned) new features.
  • Savages are going to have families, and those families are going to work as a team
  • You can choose to leave your savages to get on with it, nudge them in the right direction or control them completely
  • The site will use RSS feeds or emails to give players information
  • With a new version of the SavEngine, processing will be less demanding and much faster, allowing for more savages and a bigger map
  • Savages will be able to build their own tools, buildings, armour, and weapons (assuming they have the materials and the plans)
  • Special (and rare) savage skills - will your savage be able to go for years without eating, or develop psychic powers?
  • Bad weather or ill health will affect a savages mood
  • New savage classes - choose from roles such as Spy, Guard, Explorer, Hunter or Inventor
  • New 'mana' system - the more your savages pray to you, the more you can do for them
  • Improved community system - Forum, PM's, Pictures and more

I'd love to hear any ideas you have - drop me an email.

Mon 6th February, 2006 - 02:30
I can't sleep tonight.
LSav3 is coming along well - I've now completed the 'create savage' pages, with most of the information needed to create a savage held in the database, so I can tweak it easily when the game starts running.

Mon 6th February, 2006 - 00:30
I thought I'd better start the Dev Blog. Are you impressed?

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