Notice: LSav3 is going to shut down at the end of this month

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Game Basics
The Building Tree - How your savages go from savages who can't even hit each other with sticks to masters of the world they see around them
The Breeding Tree - How to help your savage population grow
The Miracle Twig - How to act like a savage god
Waging War - Because the guy next to you just spilled your pint.
Classes - All the classes available for you. Since you're limited to creating 15 savages, you'll be relying on enticers and teachers to get any classes you are missing, so make sure you get some of them

Game Interface

At the top of each screen in the game, there is a bar with 9 options

Inbox - All your current Private Messages.
My Savs - A list of all your savages
Scores - The current Top scorers
Miracles - A screen with all the miracles on it, waiting for you to cast them
Map - A screen showing the savages map as your savages know it
Profile - A screen detailing your player, and allowing you to set a few options, as well as access to your RSS Feed
Forum - The forum, which is great.
Help - You're looking at it
Logout - Logs you out

94 savages are still alive.
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