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General Tips

Getting started

Create 15 Savs.(All that are available)
Your best bet is to create at least one of each class as it is hard to get "missing" classes after creation.
Make sure that you have at least some savs of each sex or they are not going to breed.
A good starting set up is one female of each class (other than breeder) + 2 male breeders.
This way the children can breed with each other and at least one of your created breeders.
For the Super stat it is mostly common sense, Int for inventors Hunt for hunters etc.

The first turns
Get your hunters and miners pregnant.
You are going to want lots of these classes so start breeding early.
Then set your hunters to "find food and return" and your miners to "mine".
Make your priests pray and your inventor invent.
Set your guard to Home Guard.
You may want to breed your priest and your explorer too.

From there on hints.

- You can't have too many hunters - breed them up
- You will want a lot of miners mining
- You will want a lot of priests praying (Miracles cost a lot)
- Make sure that you have at least 2 of each class, you don't want to lose a class.
- Build wheelbarrows ASAP for your miners and hunters, they will mine / hunt faster and level quicker
- Once you have a level 2 miner send them out for Granite so that you can build pick axes (double speed mining)
- If you are sending out savs on a mission (spies, assassins etc.) give them food before they go
- You are going to need to build accommodation for your savs or they will end up stuck outside.

There is one more important thing to consider. Builders tend to get it on during multiple tea sessions. So, when assigning a builder to drink tea, make sure he will do it with a opposite gender sav.

That's all so far.

94 savages are still alive.
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